Sunday, January 31, 2010

RepRap reader bundle

I have created a Google Bundle for RepRap related sites. This is a little different than the existing Yahoo Pipe.

-It leaves all the individual feeds separate in Google Reader. This is handy for me because it allows Google to automatically translate the content. Also this would allow you to unsubscribe to individual feeds in the bundle, while still having new members of the bundle automatically added to your reader.

-Google Reader now will automatically create a feed if nonare available for a site. So if we wanted, ANY webpage could be added to the bundle, including product pages, or non RSS news sites.

-I added a Truvio search for all Videos containing Makerbot and Reprap. Can anyone think of more videos to search? Is there a better video search engine that offers RSS? I couldn't get Rapman or Bits from bytes to work in the search without finding lots of rap videos other odd things.

-Added an RSS feed for the Makerbot and Thingiverse Google group. Lots of GREAT related information in these groups.

-It is REALLY easy to add the blog list to your blog sidebar. It's an option when you look at the bundle under Google reader.

-Just one more way for us to share information!

If you want to preview the feed go to this link

I am really interested in getting more non English language blogs into this bundle. PLEASE EMIAIL ME THE BLOGS I MISSED!!


  1. you've got 58 blogs, but the aggregated feed has 63, so you are missing a few.

  2. Problem with that is they tend to ramble on the Makerbot group. You could miss some of the good stuff, better to just hit 'n' allot ;)