Sunday, March 21, 2010

RepRap/Makerbot quick reference sheet

I am working a RepRap/Makerbot/Rapman quick reference sheet currently. Trying to include all those little things that are easy to forget, but are also hard to find/ learn when you start. Currently the sheet has:

-All the common G & M codes that you would ever likely alter. Basically how to turn on and off the extruder, set the temps, and move the head. Not including the no longer used G/M codes, they will just confuse you.

-A quick break down of the main Skeinforge settings, separating the skein-forge settings into 2 families descriptive (speed, temp, diameters, heights), and manipulative (all the ratios, and manipulations like oozebane, stretch,)

-All the basic Blender keystrokes to move and manipulate in basic ways solid objects in Blender. Also a list of useful scripts python scrips for blender like align (aligns objects along their maximum axises), batch import of stl files, and a few others that I don't see how you use blender without.

-a small Imperial/metric conversion chart

-conversion chart for mm/s (how skein forge Judges speed), to G code F values (mm/minute)

-Melt and max temps for ABS,& PLA.

Can anyone else think of stuff I need to added to this (or is useless and should be took out)? Most of this stuff is already on the sheet, it's two sided, with the Blender and Skein forge stuff on the back, charts on the front.

Once I do any changes you suggest, I will upload it to Thingiverse as a ods and pdf

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