Sunday, October 24, 2010

Contemplating a Pod Cast

Has anyone else besides me seen a real need for a weekly video podcast for RepRap?  I LOVE watching videos by/about other people in the hobby, but most interviews I see are by people who don't know much about the hobby, so you spend 3 minutes with them asking questions like "So that's plastic right?  When will the robot revolution come?  What can it print?, and Bre, how do you do that with your hair?". 

I would love to see a Weekly vidcast for RepRap that had:

-Little tips that people tend to have a hard time grasping, like how to wrap nichrome, to set up and operate skein forge, the difference between the electronics, etc

-A non company view of the printers.  How awesome would it be to see an interview with the Makerbot, UP!, Mendel-Parts, Botmill, Techzone, The RepRap core team, Ultimaker, Makergear, Ultimachine, 3dink, BfB, the list goes on and on, where the questions come from the community (sent via twitter), and they all get to show off on a show directed at our community.

-How great would it be if we had someone from our community going around interviewing people at the NY Makerfair?  I wanted an Interview with Rick from Makergear, and Tony Buser, Someone at Makerbot besides Bre or Zack, or how about the other folks that where there, I saw some awesome bots in the pics, but we don't know anything about them.

I could think of a 100 things I would love to see in a nice 4-5 minutes pod cast each week, the only issue is I really don't want to do it myself, mostly because.

-I am a overweight white dude, not exactly the image I think we want to portray.

-I am from the Southern United States, and I have an accent that does not convey... intelligence :)

-You have likely seen my videos, the video quality is good, but the production quality is really poor, I don't have a communications degree, and it shows.

Should I:

A. Start a pod cast and hope someone comes along and does it better than me and lets me off the hook.

B. Just drop it, there is no need/let someone with more skill start it.

Please do me a favor and respond in the comments, I am very on the fence about this idea.

BTW I got my Gen6 Electronics and motors in, and 1 of my Prusa Mendels is nearly completed, and 2 others are started, videos and pics hopefully later this week :)


  1. I spend at least 30 hours a week listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and I would love to have some reprap-related stuff in the mix. I generally prefer audio podcasts in the 30-90 minute range, but there are also a few 7-15 minute video podcasts that I enjoy. Anything shorter than that I will eventually stop watching because it's not worth the effort (especially if it has an ad, which those short ones usually do).

    If you're thinking of using the short video format, consider the model of the Make Magazine podcast, with multiple contributors submitting videos (preferably with some quasi-standardized intros/outros/formatting so that nothing looks too amateurish). Make seems to post whenever they get a submission (nothing for a month, several in one week, etc.), but it might be nice to work out a weekly schedule so that people could sign up for a slot ahead of time, and you might bank a couple of episodes so that you can still release consistently if someone flakes. Special events like Maker Faire might warrant an extra-long episode that includes submissions from a few people, and if someone was covering a current event like the BFB acquisition, it might either bump another submission that would be posted later or be released as a special episode.

  2. I will do the podcast! I am in school for communications and have plenty of time to do things.

  3. Hey John, give me an email at, maybe we can work together.

  4. Feature idea: thing of the week. A quick featurette, either as an interlude or at the end of each episode, showcasing one printable thing posted on thingiverse each week (preferably one that was posted during that week). This should include footage of it in use (either filmed by the person making the featurette or taken from youtube with the uploader's permission) with a voiceover describing the thing and why you might want to print one.

  5. Please do. As a guy with strongly geekish temperament and concomitant lack of confidence, I hesitate to begin so daunting a task a building a RepRap from scratch (even the kits from well-respected builders seem pretty scary). Video introductions to the basics and especially to the harder bits like extruders would be very welcome to those of us on the fence...of building one in the first place.

  6. I wish you would do this! Great Idea!

    Looks like at least four people are thinking alike. Get together and do it on a rotation.

    It would be great if the final results were at least linked on the reprap wiki so people like me that have a weird work schedule could still hear/see them.

  7. iMovie does WONDERS with video; just see my recent Maker Faire video.

    I would love to record video for a reprap podcast, but I have neither the time nor the photogenicity to do it right.

    Although, I'm not overweight AND I'm in the NYC area, so no accent for me :)

  8. Ok, I guess that nails it, I will go ahead and do it. It will be on my and I will print up a set of Prusa Mendel parts as a reward for a person that sets up a good into, transition, and outgo for the show.

    BTW Cyrozap, It's going to be done the open source way, I will do it till someone comes along and does it better :) If you like what you see this week, submit a video yourself!

  9. Neil,

    I would love to contribute. I am pretty familiar with podcasting, video/audio editing, and def "knowledgeable" in the whole 3D printing and personal fabrication scene. I am in the DC area though, but I am sure we can still work together somehow.

    Shoot me an email if you are interested in collaborating. My email is

  10. I'd watch it! My wife keeps wanting to do a podcast, but I'd rather stick to text based communication, let's face it, a lot of us are overweight white dudes. :)

  11. For the record, I use no product in my hair. Also, I think a weekly podcast is a great idea. Go for it!

  12. @Bre, no product?! Now I want to know, how DO you do that with your hair? Unless shampoo counts, then it makes sense.

  13. Seems like you already have international news corespondent!

    This show is gonna be awesome!

  14. Awesome idea, Ill tune in. May just give me the kick I need to build a reprap.

  15. I rarely watch podcasts, but I'll watch this one. So, yes, you should definitely do it.