Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skeinforge 40+ Calibration guide

If your reading this blog you likely know I am a bit obsessive with documenting stuff.  I did a tutorial series on building a Makerbot, Sells Mendel, Huxley (not finished, I thought the design sucked), and a Prusa Mendel so far.  Rick over at Makergear has asked that I start actually start doing tutorials helping people after they have their Cartesian bot.  So as my 1st venture in I decided to do a video on the most complected part of RepRap.  Skeinforge.

By the way I am sure the 1st 80% of this video is right, but after having a conversation with Greg Frost in the RepRap IRC, I am pretty sure I am off on the Infill Width/Thickness part.  I am trying to wrap my mind around what Greg said (here is a log of his wisdom ), and once I have picked up the tiny pieces of my brain that was left when I found out infill w/t changes the infill pattern... well i will reshot the video.  Till then I suggest you watch the video, then read the log and try to meet the two in the middle.

Considering how much I love reading all your blog posts about the reprap's your building, I am going to be a lot more active documenting the stuff we are doing at the space.  Like today I put together 9 Makergear heatercores ( He gives you 2 when you buy one, and well none of mine have died, so we have lots of extras at the space, decided to use the extra nichome and cement to do up all of our extras in 1 shot... we only need 3 of them :) ), and it looks like in the next few weeks I will be shooting a tutorial video on building a MakerGear Prusa Mendel, and continuing to try to get our 6 (soon to be 8! 3d printers all running)... YAY!

Please if you understand the profound wisdom of the Sage Frost, and can reduce it to a level that a simpleton like myself can comprehend PLEASE comment here for in the Youtube video.

Thanks for continuing to follow me in Youtube, and all the wonderful comments in my old blog.  I hope this one is a lot more fun and varied.

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