Saturday, November 19, 2011

Demo at Mace 2011 in High Point

For all the cool things that happen at Fablocker Hackerspace in Winston Salem, we are horrible about updating the wiki/blog.  So to change that fact I am going to start updating this thing more.  

November 11-13 we did a demo about Hackerspaces and 3d printing at Mace 2011 gaming convention in High Point.  We had a wonderful time printing off Dragons, Taris(i) (how the heck to do plural tardis?), Dalek, bracelets, Yoda(s/i?), priate ships, and other things I can't remember.

It was amusing because most people had never heard of RepRap, or the idea of a Hackerspace, so many a mind where blown.  We didn't have anyone from the con show up at our hackerspace unfortunately, but I have heard a few showed up at SplatSpace in Durham and Charlotte Hackerspace in Charlotte, which is a major win.

At the top of this post is a cool video blog by Doremicom where he shows some pictures of the Con and then spends the last 10 minutes of the blog talking to me about RepRap and 3d printers.  I think we had the most traffic at the con of all the vendors, which is usually how it works when your the only one giving away free miniatures at a convention. :)

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