Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cleaning ABS from a RepRap (or MB Cupcake) Nozzle & Barrel

Yet another in my series of how to do things in RepRap.  BTW I know that :

-ABS let's off some strong fumes when burnt (I have the windows open, and fan on high)
-ABS when burnt let's off black soot (I know, I had to dust the house after my wife tried to kill me)
-My had was under the drop zone for the plastic about 1/2 the time

Ohh and I let myself run low on alcohol, a 3 foot tall fireball is what ended the video (and a section of my eyebrows).  This will not happen if you don't let the alcohol get as low as I did (about 1cm).

1 comment:

  1. The alcohol is also to help break down the oil. ABS when burnt leaves an oily soot.

    The water tends to smear the soot. Also unless you have very pure water, as it evaporates it leaves minerals. Alcohol leaves no residue when burnt.