Friday, January 21, 2011

Death of the "sub $1000 Desktop Factory"

Bre Petis just announced today over at the Makerbot blog that after a small hiatus the Cupcake will be brought back for a 250 set run, and then the Cupcake is over.  It's a pretty good assumption that the death of the Cupcake also comes the death of the Gen3 Electronics, but I might be wrong.


Around 18 months ago I had to make a decision, I had just finished watching Adrian Bowyer's Poptech speech.

I wanted a Darwin, and I wanted it BAD.  Looked into getting the RP parts, no luck, professional printed was going to be $1700 plus just for the plastic, and I could tell a repstrap was going to be outside my technical ability.  So it was a kit for me.  At the time there where two choices, Rapman by Bits From Bytes and Makerbot Cupcake.  To me at the time the Math was obvious:

-$1250 for the kit
-200x200mm build area
-single source nozzle
-Expensive electronics (what happens when you loose a board?  Which I read happens a lot)
 -Superior Build Quality


Makerbot Cupcake
-$750 for the kit
-100x100 build area
-All the parts where source able from different venders
-RepRap based hot end
-Cheap Electronics ($175 for complete kit or $150 for DIY at the time)
-It used the official RepRap electronics
-Loudest printer on the market

Well if you’re reading this blog, I went with the cheaper, more open design.


Up! by pp3d
-$2700 for a pre assembled printer
-140x140 build area
-1.75 filament stepper extruder
-Single source everything

Rapman: (some things don't change)
-$1275 for the kit
-200x200mm build area
-single source nozzle
-they don't even sell their electronics any more
-3mm stepper extruder nozzle
-No heated build platform
-Multiple print heads available

Makerbot Thing-o-matic
-$1225 for kit
-96x108 build area
-3mm DC gearmotor extruder
-Single source nozzle
-Expensive electronics ($100 dollars more than Rapman's electronics’ where)
-still the loudest printer on the market

Botmill Axis 2.1
-$1025 for kit
-200x200 build area
-RepRap nozzle, stepper extruder-3mm stepper extruder
-Single board electronics (1 thing fails, the whole electronics fail)

Mendel Parts Mendel
-$950 for kit
-200x200 build area
-RepRap nozzle, stepper extruder
-Single board electronics (1 thing fails, the whole electronics fail)

Makergear Prusa Mendel
-$825 for kit
-200x200 build area
-only kit printer to offer 1.75 filament option
-Only kit printer to use RAMPS electornics based off the "offiical" reprap printed electornics

Self Source Prusa Mendel
-Find Prusa Mendel parts on Ebay,, RepRap IRC, or in the RepRap forums
-Get your electronics form Ultimachine.
-Get your Extruder from Makergear
-Get your hardware at the local fastener supply (type in your zip code and fastener supply in Google Maps)

I love Makerbot, and I love my Cupcake.  But the reason I bought my Cupcake was it was solidly the best deal PERIOD in RepRap at the time, and it had a great brand image.

But that was last year, now the Thing-o-Matic has the smallest build plate, with the least reliable extruder, the most expensive electronics, and the most complicated printer to put together.  I have been suggesting the Cupcake as a great alternative to the Mendel kits, but now MB has not a single product I could recommend.   It's a shame really.


  1. Where you live Cryozap?

  2. Don't forget to put the Ultimaker in the list; 200x200 build area; likely to be the fastest in the pack. Not yet released, though, and I suspect it won't come cheap either.


  3. I have always tried not to mention products that I either don't know enough about to sugjest, or know enough about that I can't sugjest them. That's why you never see Techzone products (because of their electronics), Profound Devices, Shapercube, etc etc.

    All the machines I listed, I have seen VERY happey people runnning them. Ultimachine looks like it's going to be 1200 euro or $1600. At $1600 it makes the Thingomatic look like a GREAT deal.

  4. The "best deal" in any area is a pretty subjective decision. For example, the TOM is nice and expensive (not as expensive as others) but it also comes with great customer service (expensive electronics buys you RMAs). Sure, Makegear has good customer service too, but it's a one-man shop. Additionally, MakerBot is doing the most (short of Dr. Bowyer) towards educating the public on the potential for 3d printing.

    If you want prices to come down, the market needs to get bigger.

  5. parts printed by the reprap community can also be sourced on, and there are some good deals to be had there at the moment.

  6. No problem. It's tough trying to establish a significant presence on the web. I do think your price comparisons are a very valuable tool for people wanting to get into 3D printing. Keep up the good work!

  7. None personally. I know of 6 people that have them, 3 people where tickled. And the other 3 saw room for improvement. But considering most of us folk are a little obsessive that's about as glowing of recommendation as you can get around here.

    I PERSONALLY think you would do better to self Source 6 Mendels, or get 3 Prusa Mendel kits from Makergear, but hey I am just strange like that.

  8. self source 6 mendels? I'm sorry but the Mendel doesn't even come close to the resolution of the Up.

  9. Zuma:
    a: Some mendels do, most don't. 1.75mm filiment & stepper extruder are what gives Up! it's resolution. Mendel is quickly getting.

    Well I have got 90% of the parts for the 1st 3 and I am 2 days in, we shale see.

  10. That's very interesting. I can't wait to see if it can match the 0.2mm resolution.